Does the Seasonality Affect HYIPs?


It is believed that the intensive flow of funds into the HYIP industry and the emergence of reliable HYIPs occur between mid-September and mid-December and the end of February and mid-May. There is indeed a regularity. But how much does the HYIP industry depend on it?

As a rule, investors do not aim to earn for a New Year/summer leave, most of them are certain to have a job where they can earn their living and even more. Well, you have to consider that the average deposit size is no more than $100, and mostly it is limited to $ 10-20. Adequate investors deposit exactly the amount they are ready to lose.

The more important task for investors is to multiply the amount by reinvesting the profits into the same or a new reliable HYIP. You can read reports of successful investors in various threads. Some have increased their original portfolios 5-10 times as much.

Summer and winter of 2016 have shown that in these seasons the good work of HYIPs is possible. And in the winter of 2016-2017, there was an unprecedented activity in the HYIP industry, and this period loaded with money a huge number of investors who were able to take advantage of the earning opportunities. In the spring, on the contrary, almost all the top-down projects were closed, then the same happened with smaller ones, and the flow of investment significantly decreased. Even many potential top projects could not be fully realized, despite experienced admins and competent marketing.

Development of the HYIP industry is mostly connected not with seasonality so much, but it is cyclical. Periods of abrupt development are being replaced by crises and stagnation. Peak is the situation of huge turnovers in the industry, with five-zero amounts invested in reliable HYIPs. At the time of the crisis, the industry’s turnovers are minimal. There are main factors that affect the entire system: competent admins wishing to develop projects and investors’ trust.  For the industry to be at the peak the presence of both of these factors is mandatory. There will be no trust, all the good undertakings of top admins will go down in flames, even reliable HYIPs will not be able to collect and generate large sums. In another scenario where trust is high, but projects of not very reliable admins are closed down at the peak, there is a sudden drop in investors’ trust and, in turn, a reduction in the turnover of the whole industry. It is the co-operation of both investors and admins that determines the situation in HYIPs.


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