Reinvesting in HYIPs: Take the Risk or Lose the Chance?


In order to understand whether it is worth reinvesting in HYIPs, first of all, it is necessary to correlate the project profitability with its life-term. At the same time, the project life expectancy should be calculated on the basis of all working tariff plans, that is, those in which the deposit amount does not exceed $ 1000.

Every day the number of entrances to the most profitable work plans will grow, which increases the financial burden. And if, for example, the most profitable plan is 3% per day for 21 days with principal repayment at the end, then it is worth observing how payments will be made for this plan. And only then you should make a decision on the re-investment, of course, taking into account other factors.

It is possible to forecast when the project is going scam due to a number of indirect signs. One of them is a sharp increase in advertising, which, as a rule, indicates the beginning of the HYIP end; therefore it is expedient to refuse reinvestment in such a project.

One of the signs of the upcoming HYIP’s termination is also an active distribution of bonuses, offers, and the introduction of new super-beneficial plans. All this is proposed in order to attract newcomers, as well as to motivate current investors to go for another round. In such cases, you can venture reinvesting the profit from the previous deposit for the minimum available term.

In general, short-term plans or plans with fast achievement of the break-even point under the condition of principal included payouts are suitable for reinvestment.

To understand whether you can reinvest in a HYIP, you need to constantly or at least periodically monitor the project development. we can definitely say the following: once you finish the game, do not go back, despite the project continuing to pay. This is the rule which can protect from losses.


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