Paid Posting in HYIP Market (Part 3)


Silver Lining of Paid Posting

A positive point of paid posting is that it allows attracting investors at promoting a HYIP — then admins need to use other ways of promotion.

You should be cautious if you see too many paid posts at promoting a Fast – obviously the admin desires to quickly raise money and make a project go scam.

Paid posts with large amounts of deposits ($500 or more) are also dangerous. The purpose of these messages is just to take you off guard. “If some trust such amounts, it means that I can do the same” – they rely on such a reaction. And there are some investors who think so. It is difficult to understand whether these are real investors, but it is worth a try after reviewing the posts from those people on the forum or blog. You need to understand that not every investor (real, not paid) wants to show a large amount of deposits. Make your own conclusions.

Smear Campaigns

Another dark side of paidposters is that they can be used them sink a competitor’s project. Paids publish the message “Scammer!” or “HYIP does not pay!”. It looks off-putting when used without any arguments, doesn’t it. Anyone wants either to postpone with a deposit, or quickly withdraw his deposit. To make it clear, I note “dark public relations,” is most effective in fasts. but paids can try to sink, in principle, any project, the main thing is to choose the moment. For example, they can initiate a DDoS-attack on the project and then drive paidposters with negative comments on forums and blogs.

Is it possible to discern paidposters without looking through dozens of forum pages? If you are interested in a particular project, subscribe to the messages on the project forums from the very beginning of its creation. If you see the same with praising (or negative!) reviews for several days — paids are at work. Not 100% but almost certain. Sometimes forum users themselves expose the team of paidposters and publish lists on the forum.

you can only trust the opinions of forum users and bloggers known for their unbiased assessments. But there are few of them by default. Over time, you will select such for yourself. Let this be one of the criteria in selecting HYIPs in the personal portfolio.


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