Paid Posting in HYIP Market (Part1)


Paid online posting has long become a powerful marketing tool in the HYIP industry. The essence of the process consists in praising a project, in showing that a large number of interested people have made their deposits.

How does it look in practice

Once the topic is created with the project description on the forum, a lot of people immediately appear who give positive feedback and/or info about depositing in the project. These reviews are paid by the administrator either directly or in the form of placing a deposit in his project.

It is rather simple to create the illusion of bigger activity. For example, the HYIP admin sends $ 100 to the first paidposter, he puts it in the project and posts a report about his deposit on the forums and blogs. In fact $ 100 comes back to the admin in the wallet and he repeats the same action with the second, third and so on paidposters. There is an impression that the project has already received at least $ 1000, although the HYIP cashbox has only a hundred.

in this case paidposters’ reward will be interest payments from fictitious deposits. Their duties are not only to inform about deposits, but also about all payouts.

Why does it work?

One of the ways to evaluate the project is to read reviews. But a good indicator for any profitable project is the presence of deposits and reports that the project has regular payouts. And if it is possible to see reports of monitors and blogs, it is difficult and sometimes impossible to distinguish paidposters from real investors.

To sum it up, paidposting is one of the most effective methods of promoting HYIPs because it stirs interest in the project. In addition, people see activity in the project on forums and blogs, see reports about deposits from seemingly common investors, which hoodwinks newcomers.




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