Paid Posting in HYIP Market (Part 2)


How to Distinguish Paidposters

The task is often difficult. Even the experienced can get confused: either they can’t see paidposters or, conversely, classify real investors to paid ones.

It is easier to find, so to speak, underpaid posters. Such do not particularly bother, using hackneyed phrases such as “the Admin is smart! A-level project, went depositing!” and give their batch number with the ten. Usually, if you look at other posts of these people on the forum or blog, you’ll see that they again use short phrases without much meaning – all for the sake of getting more posts not to look as if they have just registered.

It may not even be 10 people, but one with ten accounts, of course. And he does not have enough fantasy to write diversely in all his accounts. By the way, the admin himself can act as a paidposter —  there are some greedy too. Multi-accounts are banned on the forum, but, alas, not always quickly enough.

It is much more difficult to identify a prepared team of paidposters. As a rule, a paid poster opens an account (or several – in case of bans) in advance, is accumulating posts, communicates naturally, takes part in different themes. In short, he acts most similarly to an ordinary investor. Here it is almost next to impossible to distinguish them.

The only way to identify a team of paidposters is to notice when the same group of nicknames is constantly present together in the same threads. It is only possible to track them, after spending a lot of time on the forum, when the some nicknames become familiar in threads devoted to different HYIPs over time. However, among the constantly appearing nicknames there can be real investors who follow a favorite blog. In addition, blogs encourage their readers to write about deposits and payouts. Posting is a real indicator of the HYIP activity. It is used by paidposters.



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