How to Invest in Different Types of HYIPs


Rational distribution of investment funds contributes to achieving the greatest profits. Let’s start with a general rule suitable for any type of investment: “Do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose!” Your investment portfolio should comprise the sum, the loss of which will not be catastrophic for your life.
If you are not ready to lose anything, it is not worth even beginning, because, as experience shows, all new investors lose some funds in the early days of their investments. It should also be noted that if you are not a professional investor, never invest somebody else’s money.

For now, let’s consider investing in different types of projects:

High-yield HYIPs. If you are going to invest in high-yield hyip projects, it is not necessary to deposit than 10-15% of the total available funds. It’s better to invest 15% of all funds into trustworthy projects. Reinvestments in such projects is not desirable, since few survive the second work cycle.

Mid-term projects. If you invest in mid-term HYIPs, an optimum investment sum is 15-30% of the total amount of money. To speak more concretely, we should make our judgements on the deposit term and on the project lifetime. If it has ben operating for many months, putting a major deposit to it is quite risky.

Low-interest HYIPs. An optimum time to invest in low-interest projects is in 30-40 days of the project operation, if deposit terms do not exceed 30 days, or after 2-3 months of work if deposit terms exceed 30 days.

Long-term low-interest projects. Such projects work stably for several years. If you come across such a project and think of investing in it, the deposit size can be easily increased to 35-40% (but not more than 50%) of the total available fnds. But it is better to increase a deposit only once for the first cycle of work with the project. Further, it is better to bring the size of the deposit to optimum standarts and continue to reinvest profits. So you can earn high interest rated with minimal risk of losing your own money.
At investing in long-term HYIPs project the main thing is to feel when you need to get out of this project. Otherwise you risk losing your money.

Multiple projects. There are projects that offer several types of deposits: shprt and medium or long-term. In this case it is better to start to invest in short-term ones, of cource, provided that the project is credible and is gaining momentum. Eventually, you will be able to reinvest the interest to other types of the same project.

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