Double-edged Sword of Instant Payments


In this article we will try to find out what instant payments are and if a hyip investor needs them. Usually the term “Instant payment” in a HYIP means that the payment is to be delivered to your wallets immediately, or within a few seconds after the withdrawal request.

In addition to instant payments, there are manual payments as well, which are made by the operator in the manual mode, and the time of waiting for payment here can vary from several minutes to several hours. Typically, this time should not exceed 24-48 hours and be often stipulated in the FAQ section on the HYIP website. Let’s see which type of payment is preferable for the investor, i.e. safer, more convenient and more profitable.

Of course, it is very convenient when the payment goes immediately to your wallets after the order. The less stressful, the more convenient. Agree, you do not have to wait for payments; you can just put the money in another HYIP, or spend it on anything else. Moreover, fast payments could add reliability, say, the project has the money immediately, then it stands firm and can still work, etc. In general, in many investors’ opinions, instant payments are the project’s plus.

But what about the actual state of affairs? Indeed, to receive instant payment is convenient and fast. However, the problem with
safety is, unfortunately, urgent. According to statistics, nearly one-third of investment funds, especially among fast HYIPs go scam due to hackers’ “raids”. Of course, administrators often “invent” this legend to somehow justify themselves before depositors, or due to some other reasons. However, hacking accounts is still possible and quite common.

And here is your money being under attack, as it is possible to take it away, thanks to wonderful instant, with just one click. Of course, many would say that you should choose hyip funds with the licensed script and you will not have such problems. However, there have been cases of hacking licensed scripts as well. Well, the problem is not only in the hyip script, but in the hosting as well. If the hoster is “leaky” or “light-fingered”, neither license script will help here.

In addition to the outlined above problem, there are still a number of aspects that make instant payment dangerous for the investor. For example, instant payment is commonly used as the most ordinary bait for investors without giving them time to stop. Of course, sometimes you need to hold your deposit in a HYIP for a long time, but sometimes you need to leave. here it is how investor’s psychology works. According to statistics, it is very difficult for the majority of beginners who have received an initial deposit + instant profit, to resist and not to reinvest the full amount back to the project. In some cases, it certainly has the potential to benefit the investor, but in some – it can be common bait. It all depends again on the quality of the fund and accurate analysis.

Instant payment has another drawback — it is much more difficult for the administrator to manage the fund that pays instantly. So, for example, at manual payments if there is no necessary sum to pay on the balance, say, to a major investor, it can just wait for the inflow of new funds and pay later. What is more, there will be no panic among investors, and the fund will continue working. instant demands the immediate availability of the requested amount. And if there shouldn’t be enough sum, panic may immediately start. Especially if the project is very popular, beginners invest in it, who do not know how to behave in such a situation and are not accustomed to keeping silent. They, worrying about their deposits, may begin to place negative feedback on hyip monitors and post their indignation on the forums, not realizing that by doing so they are “sinking” the project, where their own money is.

Of course, instant is simply necessary for some types of fasts, for example, for hourly HYIPs. Agree that in this case, manual payments are completely inappropriate, and the life-term of the fund itself is often measured in hours.

Therefore, in my personal opinion, it is better to wait, even for the maximum — 24 hours, but to be sure that the money that you put in the project will not be stolen or “killed” due to panic on forums, ie the termination of inflows. And finally, I would say that if the project is very good, the lack of instant payments must not harm it. The best part is when the administrator is constantly monitoring the project and payments are manual, but come within some minutes.


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