How To Decrease Your Site Bounce Rates With Popups


High bounce rates? We propose you some knotty techniques to diminish them and amass more stock to your eCommerce trade.

How actually can you uncover that the bounce rates of your site are higher than you demand?

Make a research! The best tool for analytical research is Google Analytics. You can spot it as a separate extension for your site, or have it as an add-on for alternative product/service, as it has Popup Maker.

The Analytics might stimulate you to discover if your bounce rates have escalated, so you can judge about potential approaches to diminish the percentages and have better switches and enhance your fund. Detect the sum of the clients who depart from your site visiting just one page. And use tricks to keep them engaged and complete actions visiting more than one page on your site.

How can you engross a site guest to convince him to stay up a bit sustained on your site and find interesting stuff for them?

The answer is – POPUPS!

Popup retailing has become one of the best fascinating and forceful tools to grow your sales and compile more buyers for your eCommerce. This is the most appealing way to move your site guest to an action that’s beneficial for you. Show your ads, propose sales, suggest subscriptions – anything is possible within popups!

Invoke popups on your website and assure a trusted height of your deals and enlarging of your enterprise. Bring your online enterprise to a brand-new rank with the smart usage of popups. Keep focusing and embark your popup marketing warfare when you’re well-acquainted with your audience.

Let’s check a couple of handy methods of popup usage to diminish your website bounce rates.

Welcome your site guests!

We all like engrossment. This is one of the chiefest things you should regard operating your eCommerce website. Mind all the rules of politeness and use all the techniques to allure your shoppers’ hearts.

Put the maximal efforts to show your care and enthusiasm to your customers, so they can feel important on your site.

Welcome your site newcomers with a popup and show your good intentions to them. The popup is the most productive thing you could ever use to hook the engrossment of a site guest and show your message to them. Nothing could ever be as productive as popups in this case. A beautiful window appears on your sight and welcomes you on the site. You can’t but agree, that this is the best start when you first land on a new website you’ve found somewhere.

Just ensure that the design is charming and positive enough to intrigue the site guest. Add a text that will assure a positive attitude of your site clients and turn them into your site buyers. This will surely incline them to stick a bit longer on your site.

Special offers with Subscription

Bribing your clients is a common and a right thing for the expansion of your website fund. There’s nothing unacceptable in this, this is one of the most prevailing and valid means to compile more subscribers, thus broadening your fund. It’s profitable for both, you and the clients. They get prizes and you get another new subscription. And everyone is delighted! 🙂

Propose free grants, free subscriptions, discounts – anything that can light up in your mind! Anything that can assure a sure-fire benefit to your trade. Make sure the item you’re granting is enthusiastic for your shoppers, be sure it will make them happy and intrigued. This is the case when it’s essential to have a connection with your users, know their preferences and their interests. You can use the knowledge of your users’ preferences in your way of getting profit and enlarging your trade.

Construct a very clean-cut Subscription popup and comprise your suggestion (bribe) in the popup, next to the form. We should admit, that buyers need to have something to agree for a subscription. The probability of a consumer to subscribe to your newsletter without having any benefit is really low.

So, find keys to allure your own buyers to be sure they’d like to be added to your newsletter.
Construct strategies and encounter the preferences of your buyers. Pay a chief attention to the look of your subscription form. Everything should be charmingly designed and should catch the attention of your buyers at once, from the first sight. The buyers should get interested in what you’re going to offer, starting from the look of the popup you display. Everything should be considered, every tiny aspect.

Stop & Promote More

What else in this world could be more close by to stop the clients departing from your site resulting in high bounce rates than the usage of an Exit Intent popup? Exit Intention is the ideal combo of catching the engrossment and enticing to check your proposal. In the very second the site guest is at the point of leaving your site without any completed action, an enticing popup appears and intrigues with the irresistible proposal you have.

The accent should be put on the offer you are going to make for your users. It should be extremely alluring and catch up the user’s attention as soon as it shows up.

In this case, it’s paramount to be familiar with your audience to propose things that will surely allure them. Make your proposal depending on your website subject, the service you’re proposing that will correspond with the weaknesses of your site clients and buyers.

The content should be appropriate and should guarantee a high chance of bringing your users back. Make them change their minds and stay longer on your site. So, eventually, they will complete the action you need on your site. It can be anything – subscription, purchasing, or sharing your content.

It can be a Subscription popup with an propose to “learn more”. Like, if they subscribe to your newsletter, you’ll send weekly new materials that will help in their practice. This can be mutually profitable. As you get a new member to your mail list and the user learns more interesting things about the stuff you share on your site.

This is quite a logical deal, as your site visitors may want to get additional articles, news, posts to be up to date. So, if you offer them to subscribe and get weekly updates, the chance of them subscribing can be really great.

Show more posts on Exit

Another probable and efficient method to allure your site clients and push them to check more on your website is showing part of your best posts in a popup.

Let’s say you have a blog (no matter what subject), and you need more readers on your blog. You probably have dozens of posts, and if you’re a starting blogger, it can be a hard task to have a great number of readers at first. So you should utilize all the attainable cons to charm more clients on your site that’s going to be intrigued to read all your posts.

Utilize all the possible ways to move the interest of your readers. Give them what they are expecting, and surprise them with the stuff that can be unexpected for them.

The most important factor in this whole stuff is to know your audience perfectly. This will greatly help you to orientate your offers and the content will be appropriate.

The nature of the stuff you’re writing about is very important. But you should also think about captivating more readers on your blog.

One can land to your blog, check one post and depart without visiting others. This is sad.

But there’s something you can do to prevent this. Exploit an Exit intent popup with some of your best posts to rapidly attract the guest and grow the prospect to check more posts on your blog.

Show your best posts in a popup and persuade them that your stuff is worth to be read. The advertisement is a very life-saving tool. So, keep this in your mind and construct the best-looking popup with a perfectly motivating text and your posts in the list. If a user didn’t want to read your stuff, then you should put the maximal efforts to persuade them that they have made a mistake and your content is really a worthy one. So just find a way to present your offer in the best profitable way, and voilà, you have a new reader now!

Sales with Countdown

Sales are always very intriguing for all the buyers out there. The best stimulating means to get more sales for your e-shop. We all know how the sales are organized, but we are caught by the proposals every time we meet a sales ad.

So, what we need to encounter, as a website owner, is that the sales may attract a great number of shoppers to your site. And, speaking about sales, you should understand the correct way of making and displaying them.

Sales are the perfect way to sell goods that you can’t sell at usual prices. So, how to attract even more buyers on your site when you propose sales?

Display your sales announcement in a popup, and make it even attractive and on point. The best thing about popups is that you are free to add any elements you need in a popup, which you think may be effective for your site.

Create a feeling of a rush. Add a Countdown element in your popup with your sales proposal and make your clients purchase more goods without losing time and the lucky chance to get the product at a lower price.

Include an enticing image and motivate them with some garish text to complete the whole package.

And, as a conclusion, you can add a button, that will redirect your users to the shop page to finalize the purchase.

It’s essential to encounter that the users need to have everything as clear and easy to use as possible. So, if you add a button that will quickly redirect them to the needed place, to the shopping page, this will definitely ease the whole process for your shoppers. Easiness is one of the chiefest points you should always keep in your mind when creating something for them to use.

Making everything charming, clear and easy to use, you’ll definitely achieve success in what you do.


Become a better e-businessman, use clever tools and lessen your bounce rates to the minimal. Get more site clients, turn them into your subscribers and clients. Simply add appropriate popups to your site and you’re done!

Popups should be cleverly constructed. You can use all the possible elements to make the popup more attractive and more alluring.

Consider the factor of the interests of your users and have the expected income for your site.

Stop them on exit intention and engage with a perfect offer they will not be able to resist.

Offer prizes and discounts that will intrigue your shoppers and will not let them any chance to avoid subscribing to your mail list.

Include countdowns to create an illusion of a rush to push the shoppers for quick actions. No one will want to miss a chance of getting a free gift or a great discount for shopping.

Encounter all the essential aspects of popup creation to get the maximal profit you may have. Enforce the techniques connected to marketing and connected to popups to have the best results possible.

Several life-saving tips, described and mentioned in this post will definitely guarantee a growth in your sales. Your business will move forward with a bigger steps making you a more successful businessman.

Keep these 5 tips in your mind and boost your income for more than you could expect!


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