Why Your Comments Don’t Get Approved? (And How to Fix it)


You are spending too much time on blog commenting but your comments don’t get approved.

If you are facing this problem, then you might be doing someting wrong. You need to change your commenting strategy.

Blog commenting can be a great way to increase your traffic and get some link juice, but it shouldn’t be self-serving only. If you are doing it only for self promotion, then you are doing it wrong.

You need to add valueable comments to connect with like minded bloggers. If you put useful comments, it will grab more attention. More attention means more traffic. So blog commenting can increase engagement, traffic and brandability of your blog.

If you are still struggling with blog commenting, here are some reasons why your comments don’t get approved. And learn how to fix it.

1. Using Keywords of Name Field

The name field is only for your name. Obviously your name is not something like ‘blogging tips’, ‘seo tips’, ‘tech blog’ etc. Using keywords or your blog name as your name is the first sign of spam comments.

If blog owner finds keywords as name, s/he might not read your comments. So no matter how good comment it is, your comment will be deleted or moved to Spam.

Fix it: Don’t use keywords on Name Field. Use your full name. It will help you to engage with blog owner and others. If you want to use your blog name on the name field, then add your blog name besides your name like “Thangz @ eZoon.net”. But it’s not a good practice.

2. One line Comments

I get a lof of one line comments at eZoon like these

“Great post. Thanks for sharing”

“Thanks for the post”

“You’re awesome”

I like these compliments, but I’ve to delete this right away. Because they do it only for the link and these types of comments hurt the quality of the blog.

Fix it: Take some time to read the post and share your thoughts at least on 2-3 lines. There is noting wrong to comment “Great post. Thanks for sharing”, but make sure to follow it up. Share why you think the post was great. Try to add some value to your comment. And more importantly, if you’ve any question, ask it.

3. Comments with Anchor Text or Link

You might have a similar post on your blog and you want to share the link on the comment. STOP! Don’t do that if you are not a regular commenter of that blog. Even a valuable comment might get deleted if it contains link or anchor text.

Most of the blog owners don’t like links on comment.

Fix it: If you’ve a good connection with the blog owner, then you may share links on comment. But don’t make it habit. Never add an anchor text on comment.

4. Comments without a Gravatar

Gravatar allows you to show your picture on blog comments. Personally, I don’t delete any comment just because of not having any Gravatar. But the problem is Akismet plugin that sometimes marks valuable comments as Spam.

Unfortunately if your comment goes to Spam folder, there is a less chance that your comment will be approved. But if you have a Gravatar, blog owner will surely notice your comment on Spam. Because most of the owners look at a glance before deleting spam comments.

Fix it: Set a Gravatar Now. It will take just 2-3 minutes to add a picture to your every comments. It will help you to build a brand, increase traffic and build relationships.

5. Offensive Comments

There is noting wrong to dissagree with someone. I really like it if someone corrects me. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll tolerate someone who uses slang, cursing words or makes any personal attack. I will simply delete the comment.

Fix it: Don’t be rude. If you don’t agree with something, say it politely and give strong reasons.

Your Turn

If you are not making any above mistakes but your comments don’t get approved, I would suggest you to read the comment policy of the blog and contact with the blog owner.

How do you comment on blogs? Have you faced any problems on getting approved? Let us know via comment.


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