5 Popular Visualization Data Plugins for WordPress

Visualizer Plugin

Blogging is getting to be a very popular way of sharing opinions and publishing work and research. Some media personnel have also started using this social media tool in order to showcase their unpublished works. Researchers can also post their data and laboratory experiences in a publication form with blogs. Companies and Sale Agencies also use blogs as a way to present their new products, and they can have other bloggers showcase the features of the products as well. Tons of website now host multiple bloggers and their blog sites. Maintaining a dot com website can be expensive, and this is where host sites come in. Some host sites provide free services but have additional perks for paid premium membership. One of those premier blog host sites is called WordPress.org.

WordPress is a great host site that any budding blogger can use. And If you are already a WordPress.org blogger, you need to be able to entice your readers to continue to subscribe to your content. Depending on the topic that your blog is dealing with, there is sometimes a need to provide visual aids to further educate your readers and highlight the point that you want to show. Graphs and charts are great tools for making your WordPress blog site pleasing to the eye, and they will show readers a greater clarity and understanding of the subject you are writing about.

But it is really that important to have that perfect Visual Data plugin on your site? To help you navigate the many plugins available in the web, here are the 5 popular Plugins for WordPress:

1. Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer

This plugin works very well for a user who experiences a high latency in their internet speed. This tool has this inbuilt cache that enables it to boost the loading time of your WordPress blog site. Such a tool can turn your data into an interactive chart that has a sortable and searchable table. Here are some things this Plugin can do:

Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer
  • It is very handy and user-friendly. You can always update the post every time changes have been made in your Google spreadsheet or CSV files.
  • Customizing tables and charts with powerful and flexible query languages and other configuration options.
  • It can use data from many sources.
  • The plugin is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and it gives your readers the urge to further understand the essence of your data.

2. WordPress Charts

With over 15,000 active downloads to date, this plugin can arguably be considered one of the most widely used and downloaded visualization data tool. It also boasts a 4.8-star rating which shows that a lot of users are satisfied with its performance. This plugin enables you to make 6 different types of charts and HTML5 graphs. Here are the 6 different types of HTML5 graphs:

WordPress Charts
  • Line Graph – this graph is basically a type of chart that has a series of data points connected by a segmented straight line. This is a simple chart that can show the reader the progress of your data.
  • Bar Graph – the bar graph is a simple diagram that shows the numeric values of its variables with lines and rectangles. The height or width of each bar is representative of the values of your data.
  • Pie Chart – (also known as a circle chart) is a circular diagram that is divided into segments. Each segment illustrates a proportion of the total quantity it represents. This is a good chart to show to readers when you want to describe the proportional data or percentage.
  • Radar Chart – this chart deals with multivariate data in the form of a two-dimensional figure. When you deal with many quantitative variables, this chart is a very good representation of it. This chart can often form a web-like pattern, so that is why it’s also known as a spider chart.
  • Doughnut Graph – circular, like a pie chart, this diagram shows the relationship of parts to a whole. But this chart can often contain more than one data series, and each series adds a ring to the chart. The centre ring represents your earliest data series.
  • Polar Area – this is another variant of the pie chart but has segments that have the same angles. This divides the circle into equal segments, but the radiuses of each segment differ. This type of graph is useful when you want to show comparative data like a pie chart but with a scale of values for context.

3. Visualizer

Visualizer Plugin

This is a free, easy to use WordPress plugin where you can actually manage, choose and embed about 9 different charts into your data. The great thing about Visualizer is that it is easy to learn. For example, you can upload spreadsheets, files and so much more from your computer or use an online file repository like Google spreadsheet. It is also has a “Responsive” Chart design; this means that whether your users are accessing your blog via smartphone, a laptop or a tablet, the chart will adjust to the screen. This user-friendly, state-of-the-art gadget is designed for the data visualization plugin and is great for people who travel and blog at the same time.

4. WP Business Intelligence

WP Business Intelligence

This plugin is also has a “Responsive” feature to it, and it also has the unique ability to let your readers download raw data in a CSV file. It has a dynamic query concept that helps you make a real-time data representation dashboard. It can also connect to any internal or external databases. In this way, you can retrieve data and update charts and tables any time you want. This plugin is also compatible with a lot of databases like MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. With this capacity, this data visualization plugin boasts that it is the most comprehensive of out in the market today.

These are the 5 most popular visualization data plugins for WordPress. There are still a lot of options you can choose for your blog, but those are by far the ones that more people find easier to use, and they provide access to graphs, charts and other files that they use for their data. The list does not show a particular order, nor are they numbered in terms of performance, impact or user preference.

If you have a hard time analysing your data and need some help, then you can try and connect with Active Wizards. They are a team of data scientists and engineers that focus exclusively on data projects. Let them apply modern analytic strategies to your data analysis needs. They can also help you if you have any problems transforming, cleaning or storing data in the SQL in your blogs.

Remember that an aesthetic WordPress blog can get more readers to your site and inform them with the data you are showing to them. By using the best data visualization plugin, not only will you make your presentations neat, but it will also be understandable as well. It will not matter if the raw data you are showing can help your reader because if you upload or give them that much information, they will never understand it. Let them visualize the data, and they will have clarity.


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